Though the best time of the year is generally from November to April, anytime when the sun out and the sea is calm is a great time to hit the water to enjoy its natural tranquility along with some great diving & snorkeling.
Phu Quoc Island offers some of the best snorkeling and diving in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
The island is home to many small islands which create a vibrant ecosystem that makes diving and snorkeling here one of the most popular tourist activities on the island. There are a number of highly qualified dive operators and many more tour operators offering both snorkeling and diving trips.

Below you will find a list of the most popular sites for diving and snorkeling in Phu Quoc to assist in finding the right option for you. You’ll also find contact info for the top tour and dive operators on Phu Quoc Island.

Snorkeling & Diving Spots in the North

Turtle Island
One of the largest islands off the northwest coast of Phu Quoc. The surrounding waters make for terrific snorkeling and diving. The shallow waters, often deeper than 10 meters, create the perfect atmosphere for coral and marine life that depend on them for survival.
In addition to snorkeling and diving, many visitors take time to enjoy the smooth sandy, palm tree spotted beaches. Bring a waterproof camera and you’re sure to capture more than a few beautiful pictures.
Fingernail Island (North)
There are two small islands on Phu Quoc named Fingernail Island. Fingernail Island located in the north is a prime snorkeling and diving location. The island is located just southwest of Vung Bau Beach. The small island can be reached by canoe, which can be rented at nearby resorts.
The best way to reach Fingernail Island is with a tour by a dive company. Below we have created a list of the top diving operators in Phu Quoc. At low tide the island is connected to the mainland although this isn’t the best time to go snorkeling it is interesting to see.hawsbill sea turtle
Nudibranch Garden
This Phu Quoc dive site is named for one of the most spectacularly colorful creatures in the sea. nudibranchs are a type mollusk also referred to as sea slugs. There are over 2,300 species of nudibranchs. This is one of the most spectacular snorkeling sites on Phu Quoc island.
Phu Quoc’s Nudibranch Garden makes a great first-time snorkeling adventure for kids and adults alike. This often-overlooked dive spot shouldn’t be off your list of activities on Phu Quoc.
Bai Thom (Thom Beach)
If you’re planning on going to Bai Thom, consider a visit to Mot Island. During low tide (and most other times) you can walk to Mot Island via a rock wall connecting the island to Phu Quoc. While sea urchins make for a great snack at one of the local restaurants, stepping on one can ruin an otherwise enjoyable afternoon of snorkeling. Keep an eye out for these guys and consider wearing aqua socks to protect your feet.
While Bai Thom is a bit off the beaten path, delicious seafood can be found at either Hang Duong Quan or Cay Vong Nem Resort. Rent a couple of scooters, grab your snorkeling gear, and discover one of Phu Quoc’s true treasures.

Snorkeling & Diving Spots in the South

An Thoi Archipelago
The best dive spots on Phu Quoc Island can be found in the An Thoi Archipelago off Phu Quoc’s southern tip. The archipelago boasts a wide range of diving with areas containing an abundance of seagrass to gentle sloping coral reefs, diverse sea life, spectacular dive sites made up of house-sized boulders, and much more.
Most dive sites are under 12 meters. There is also an abundance of snorkeling sites surrounding Phu Quoc Island. Many tour companies offer snorkeling as part of their tour packages, however, if you want to experience the very best we recommend booking at least one day out on the sea with one of the island’s top dive operators.
Diving in Phu Quoc will bring you face to face with a variety of fish and other sea life including beautiful nudibranch populations and bamboo sharks, yet, the most coveted encounter is one with the very few dugongs rarely seen around the island.
Hon Thom Island
There are many dive sites off the coast of Hon Thom Island, which is also known as Pineapple Island. Choose the right dive operator for your trip and you’ll likely be taken off the beaten path to less known dive sites along the island. Two of the most popular dive spots are North Pineapple Point and South Pineapple Point.
North Pineapple Point is covered in a variety of coral reefs. Cuttlefish abound and whip corals are ever-present. South Pineapple Point is one of the deepest, most challenging dive spots on Phu Quoc. At a depth of 35 meters, this location is only recommended for experienced divers looking for something different and more challenging.
Dragon Rock
Truly a spectacle to behold, the Dragon Rock dive site is perhaps Phu Quoc’s most visually spectacular sites for diving. Large house-sized boulders fill this underwater landscape creating a landscape continually praised by experienced divers and newcomers alike.
Dry Island
Devoid of vegetation, Dry Island is a unique site itself. The incredible diving makes it that much more special. Parrotfish, butterflyfish, and many other reef fish flock to the waters around Dry Island to feed off the abundance of food. All of this activity creates a memorable experience for divers of all experience levels.
Roi East
At 10 meters and under Roi East is a great dive spot for all divers. Moray eels and groupers are frequently seen in addition to the many species of smaller fish that populate these waters.
Roi South
Not quite as spectacular as Dragon Rock, Roi South also contains many large boulders. This is often a stop for dive operators with Roi East on the agenda. If you can’t get to Dragon Rock, this is your next best bet to see spectacular large underwater rocks and the corals that grow around them.